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16 Day Private Tailored Tour
'Best of Adriatic'

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16 Day Private Tour ‘Best of Adriatic’

Come discover the Adriatic region with us on this private, guided tour visiting the best of Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Be amazed by the nature wonders of Lake Bled, in Slovenia, and the Plitvice Lakes, in Croatia. Visit amazing Adriatic coast cities, such as Piran, Split or Dubrovnik. Be enchanted by the island of Brac, and its olive oil tradition and the island of Korčula and Pelješac peninsula with its vineyards. Visit castles, and medieval walled cities, like Motovun. Experience the Turiskih influence in Sarajevo and Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina as well as the small country of Montenegro, with the unique bay of Kotor.

Immerse yourself in the Adriatic history, nature and gastronomy with us!

Plitvice Lakes Group Tour

'Best of Adriatic' private tailored tour

Should you wish to combine parts of this tour with other Adriatic destinations, on a shorter or longer tour, it's all possible. Just contact us with your wishes and we will tailor a tour according to your wishes!
Lakes & Bays

Best of Adriatic Suggested Tour Itinerary

16 Days
  • Day 1 – Arrival in Ljubljana
  • Day 2 – Ljubljana / Lake Bled / Ljubljana
  • Day 3 – Ljubljana / Postojna & Predjama / Portorož
  • Day 4 – Portoroz / Piran / Portorož
  • Day 5 – Portorož / Motovun / Opatija / Zagreb
  • Day 6 – Zagreb / Trakošćan / Zagreb
  • Day 7 – Zagreb / Plitvice Lakes National Park / Split
  • Day 8 – Split / Trogir / Split
  • Day 9 – Split / Brač Island / Split
  • Day 10 – Split / Sarajevo
  • Day 11 – Sarajevo
  • Day 12 – Sarajevo / Mostar / Međugorje / Blagaj / Dubrovnik
  • Day 13 – Dubrovnik
  • Day 14 – Dubrovnik / Kotor Bay / Dubrovnik
  • Day 15 – Dubrovnik / Pelješac Peninsula / Korčula Island / Dubrovnik
  • Day 16 – Departure from Dubrovnik

2 - 6 people

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16 days


Or any number of days you have available!

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Departure Points

The tour can start and end to fit your travel plans.

Package includes:

  • Private transportation

  • Accommodation in 4* hotels

  • Walking city tours by licensed local guides, in cities: Zagreb, Ljubljana, Trogir, Split, Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik

  • Ferry tickets for car trips to islands

  • Entrance tickets for: Ljubljana castle, Postojna cave, Predjama, Plitvice Lakes, Cathedral Split, Brač Olive Oil Museum, Mostar Muslibegović house, Blagaj Tekke, Dubrovnik Walls, Dubrovnik cathedral, Perast island church.

  • Tastings: wine in Istria, tasting brunch Brač

  • Service of organization and support 24×7

  • Personal local driver/guide in English

  • Other languages available, please inquire

For travelers who want to see, experience and taste as much as the Adriatic region has to offer. You can visit 4 countries and 23 destinations in one tour.

If you value quality and flexibility, tailored tours are the best format for you. With this type of travel you benefit from having an experienced guide with you at all times, guaranteeing you are well taken care of, while keeping the tour at your own pace.

The 16 day tour we are showing here is merely an example and an indication of what is possible. Your requirements and wishes may be very different. Whether you have less or more days available, whether you’ve already visited some of these destinations and wish to see other ones, whether you like more focus on nature, food, art, etc., will affect how we tailor a tour that’s right just for you.

Let us know what are the ingredients to your dream vacation and we will custom create one for you.

This tour can be taken from April until October.

Since each tailored tour is customized to your wishes and needs, even this tour can be adjusted to fit the season and you perfectly.

Contact us if you are interested in traveling during the period of November through March and we will suggest a modified version of this tour. It will focus on the best Adriatic has to offer in those months, including now famous Zagreb Advent Christmas market and the winter scenery of Plitvice Lakes and Lake Bled.

Start of any tour will be adjusted to your location or your best flight options. We can arrange for tours to start from any city in the region, as well as organize a private transfer from neighboring countries, such as Hungary, Austria, Italy, Serbia, and more.

Tour Description

Plitvice Day Tour

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Day 1: Arrival in Ljubljana

Arrival in Ljubljana’s airport Jože Pučnik. At the arrival lobby you will meet the driver and tour guide that will accompany you for the next 16 days. They will take you to your accommodation in a private transfer in one of our cars or minivans. After you check in, your guide will provide you with restaurant recommendations for the day and general information about the city. You will then have the rest of the day to settle in and rest.

Plitvice Group Tour

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Day 2: Ljubljana – Lake Bled – Ljubljana

Breakfast at the hotel, followed by a walking city tour in Ljubljana’s historical center with a local guide in English, or another language of your choice. We will explore Slovenia’s capital, set between the river Sava and a hill, and visit its most important sights: Ljubljana Castle, St. Nicholas’s Cathedral, Town hall, Prešeren Square, Central Market, Congress Square and the National Library. After the city tour, we will take an hour drive to Lake Bled. There we will first visit the Castle and its museum where you can get to know the Bled history and enjoy the amazing panoramic view of the lake and its island. Later you will have free time to enjoy the lake at your pace. You may choose to go on a boat ride to the Bled island, simply stroll around the lake, or sit down to relax and have a coffee and a piece of the famous Bled cake kremna rezina while enjoying the lake view. We will return for an overnight in Ljubljana.

Plitvice Lakes Boat Tour

Postojna Caves, Slovenia

Day 3: Ljubljana – Postojna & Predjama – Portorož

Breakfast at the hotel, followed by check out. You can choose to spend some time in the morning in Ljubljana, including a lunch, or leave straight for Postojna. Once we leave Slovenia’s capital we will head south to visit the Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle. We will start by visiting the Postojna Cave, and its extraordinary complex of passages and halls. The tour combines train ride and walking through different halls where you can see spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, with colors and shapes, ranging from white, red to black. You will also see the Proteus (or human fish), the famous inhabitant of Postojna. After lunch, we will continue to Predjama Castle. We will walk through the castle and its four stories and visit the 29 points of interest detailed in the audioguide, discovering the castle’s history and different rooms such as the dungeon, meeting room and cellar. At the end of the day, we will reach Portorož for an overnight.

Plitvice Group Tour

Piran, Slovenia

Day 4: Portorož – Piran – Portorož

This is a day for relaxing at the Adriatic  Sea and inland of Istrian penninsula. We will visit Portorož and the nearby Piran for walks and enjoying number one recreational activity of the entire Adriatic region – long coffee breaks in local cafes. There are always optional additional activities, not included in the tour, that can be decided on the spot, such as visits to the museums and galleries. In the afternoon we will take a short drive over the nearby border into Croatia, for a wine tasting at one of the local wineries. We will return to your hotel in Portorož at your convenience, for a relaxing evening and overnight.

Plitvice Group Tour

Motovun, Croatia

Day 5: Portorož – Motovun – Opatija – Zagreb

After breakfast and checkout from your hotel we will drive across the Croatian penninsula of Istria to the small, picturesque town of Motovun, a medieval town overlooking the valley of Mirna river. It’s relaxing to take a walk up its small streets to the bell tower.  We will take as much time as you’d like, before we continue to Opatija. Further on our way to Zagreb we will stop by  the coastal town of Opatija. It has a special place in Croatian history and culture, with Austrian style architecture, atypical for Adriatic coastal towns. We arrive at your accommodation in Zagreb in the early evening hours, depending on the length of stops on the way.

Plitvice Group Tour

Zagreb, Croatia

Day 6: Zagreb – Trakošćan – Zagreb

In the morning, after breakfast, you will meet our local guide for a 2 hour city tour of the historical center of Zagreb, visiting all the important sights.

Upon the walking tour, we will take a ride for a panoramic view of the city to complete the visit. We will see the impressive walls of the city cemetery Mirogoj, drive through the areas built in socialist era, as well as from Austro-Hungarian times.

In the afternoon we will head to Trakošćan, to visit Croatia’s best preserved castle, built in 13th century. Inside you will be transported back several centuries as the rooms are set up with original furniture and other artifacts.

Plitvice Group Tour

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Day 7: Zagreb – Plitvice Lakes National Park – Split

One of the most visited destinations in this part of Europe, Plitvice Lakes National Park will not leave you indifferent.

When we reach the park, we will decide on the best path for the day, taking into account your availability for the day and how much you want to walk. It’s really all up to you! Usually we combine routes that will allow you to walk the famous wooden paths, see the most popular waterfalls and breathtaking panoramic views of the several lakes, go on the electric boat ride across lake Kozjak and panoramic train ride towards the upper lakes.

In the afternoon we will drive to the coastal city of Split.

Plitvice Group Tour

Split, Croatia

Day 8: Split – Trogir – Split

Breakfast at the hotel, followed by a walking city tour in Split’s historical center with a local guide in English, or another language of your choice. We will explore Croatia’s second largest city and its fascinating Roman Emperor Diocletian palace, best preserved Ancient Roman palace that is also lived in. You will learn about Split and Dalmatian way of life, history and culture. After the city tour, we will drive to nearby Trogir where we will also take a walking city tour of this beautiful Venitian-style town. At any time during the trip we can take coffee or lunch break, Dalmatian style. Upon return to Split, you will have enough time for a relaxing walk around the town center, shopping and dinner.

Plitvice Group Tour

Brač Island, Croatia

Day 9: Split – Brač Island – Split

After breakfast we will take a short walk to the ferry port. The island of Brač is in close proximity of Split and is therefore convenient to take the 50 minute public ferry boat ride. Once on the island we will drive to the top of the Vidova gora mountain for a beautiful panoramic view of the sea and the nearby islands as well as the most famous Croatian beach – Zlatni rat. After that we will go to Škrip, the oldest village on the island, with old houses, forts and mills. We will have a tasting brunch with lots of local products, such as cheese, prosciutto, tapenades , wine and more, at the Olive Oil mill turned into a museum. We will visit several other small towns and villages, for a feel of the local culture and history. In the late afternoon we will return to Split by ferry.

Plitvice Group Tour

Počitelj, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Day 10: Split – Sarajevo

After breakfast and check out you can decide to spend some more time in Split or leave earlier for Sarajevo and make some stops along the way. It’s a 4,5 hour drive to Sarajevo, plus any stops along the way. One of the places we can visit along the route is the historic town of Počitelj located on the bank of the river Neretva, in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in a natural karst amphitheater and a climb to it’s fort offers beautiful views. In the afternoon or evening, depending on our schedule, we will arrive in Sarajevo and check into the hotel.

Plitvice Group Tour

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Day 11: Sarajevo

After breakfast, your local guide will meet you for a 2 hour walking tour of the historical center of the city. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and one of the major cities of the Balkan/Adriatic region. Sarajevo became world-known during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War, and the trail of destruction left in the city was intense and can still be observed today. The city has both Eastern and Western influences, observed through the attractions visited on the city tour. Upon the tour you can follow your guide’s tips for best places to shop for unique souvenirs and taste Bosnian delicacies, such as ćevapčići and baklava. We recommend also taking the Tunnel Tour  in addition to the classic walking tour. For this tour we would drive to the outskirts of the city, visit the War Museum and go through the tunnel used during the siege of the city. It is not to everyone’s liking and is therefore not automatically included in the tour.

Plitvice Group Tour

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Day 12: Sarajevo – Mostar – Medjugorje – Blagaj – Dubrovnik

After breakfast and checkout we will leave Sarajevo and on our way to Dubrovnik we will spend more time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, visiting along the way the beautiful town of Mostar. It is a cross-section of  three ethnicities and religions and saw very heavy fighting during the Bosnian war. It’s most famous sight is the Old Bridge, which was destroyed during the war and reconstructed to its original glory later. Guided walking tour of the town will cover all the interesting history of Mostar and the area. Upon this we can make a recommendation for lunch. After Mostar we will visit Blagaj.  A small place located on the spring of the Buna river with a unique attraction called Tekke, built by the Muslim Dervish order. Next, we will stop in Medjugorje, a small town in Herzegovina, famous for religious pilgrimage of Catholics from all over the world, based on the sighting of the Blessed Virgin Mary by local children. In the evening we will arrive in Dubrovnik.

Plitvice Group Tour

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Day 13: Dubrovnik

After breakfast, your local guide will meet you for a 2 hour walking tour of the historical center of the city. You will visit the main sights within the historic city, such as the Cathedral and its treasury with relics, Franciscan and Benedictine monestaries, and the oldest pharmacy in Europe. After the tour, you will have free time to have lunch, to walk, and buy typical souvenirs. At the end of the day, stroll along the walls of the historic center, followed by cable car ride, to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

Plitvice Group Tour

Perast, Montenegro

Day 14: Dubrovnik – Kotor Bay – Dubrovnik

We will leave Dubrovnik in the early morning to allow enough time to drive to Montenegro. It is a 2h drive, however, waiting times at the border crossing can’t be predicted. Once there, we will start by visiting Kotor, the biggest and most important city in the bay. You have free time to walk around the medieval town and discover its many churches and alleys. There will be time for lunch. Later we will continue to Perast, a small town 12 kms from Kotor, where we will take a boat ride to the famous island of Our Lady of the Rocks. We will visit the island’s church and museum and learn about the local traditions. In the late afternoon we will return to Dubrovnik.

Plitvice Group Tour

Korčula Island, Croatia

Day 15: Dubrovnik – Pelješac Peninsula – Korčula Island – Dubrovnik

In the morning we will drive from Dubrovnik to the nearby peninsula of Pelješac. Our first stop is at the town of Ston for a brief  look at the sea salt manufacturing facility and the Ston Wall, a defensive fortification endearingly referred to as Our Wall of China. We will drive across the beautiful peninsula to the port where we will take a 15 min ride on the ferry to the island of Korčula and the “mini Dubrovnik” walled city of Korčula, considered the birthplace of explorer Marco Polo. On our way back through Pelješac, we can stop for an oyster tasting  and a visit to an oyster farm, as well as a stop to one of many wineries on the peninsula famous for its Plavac Mali red wine. In the late afternoon we return to Dubrovnik.

Plitvice Group Tour

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Day 16: Departure from Dubrovnik

This is your final day of the tour. Depending on your flight details, you may have some extra time in Dubrovnik. In any case, we will take you to the airport  according to your flight time.

It’s time to say goodbye to Croatia and the Adriatic. We hope you had a great vacation.

Hope to see you again!

Adriatic region: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro

Destinations visited on this 16 day tour

Croatia: Zagreb, Trakošćan, Opatija, Motovun, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Trogir, Brač Island, Dubrovnik, Pelješac Peninsula, Korčula Island.

Slovenia: Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, Predjama, Portorož, Piran.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Mostar, Blagaj, Međugorje.

Montenegro: Kotor, Perast.

Best of Adriatic Recommends

“Here you have a chance to try many different dishes, special to each of the four countries you’ll visit, but even regions within the countries. We’ll help you find the best restaurants. And once you discover your favorite foods, we’ll get you the recipes, as well.”


“I believe it’s really important to stop and smell the flowers, literally. We will show you lots of spots where you can get off the beaten path and experience something unique. It’s up to you to seize the moment.”


“I had a great experience in Croatia this time around. Best of Adriatic team is super. My favorite part were all the food and wine tastings. And not forgetting olive picking on Brač! Plan to visit again with my family.”


“A Magnificent Week in Croatia! Wonderful service from a friendly and professional staff. They helped my wife and I with our accommodation and transportation needs all throughout Croatia – from Dubrovnik to Zagreb, and even arranged a day trip into Slovenia. I highly recommend.”



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