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About Slovenia


The weather in Slovenia is different in each of the four seasons. A harsh Alpine climate prevails in the mountain region, the coastal areas are marked by a sub-Mediterranean climate, and the north-east lowland part of the country has a continental climate. The average temperature is above 20°C in July, and around 0°C in January. Check the current weather, so that you can dress and equip yourself appropriately.

Travel Documents

Slovenia is in the Schengen Area, which means that, in general, there are no checks at the border crossings with Italy, Austria and Hungary. To enter Slovenia from Croatia, it is sufficient to have a passport or an identity document, if the visit does not last more than three months.

If you need a visa to enter Slovenia, you can obtain one from the Slovenian consular mission in your country. If there is no Slovenian consular mission in your country, please contact a consular mission of any Member State of the Schengen Area.

All Schengen Area countries issue Schengen visas under the same conditions, taking into account the interests of the other Member States as well. A visa issued by one Schengen Member State is also valid for the other Member States.  In other words, this means that you can visit several countries which are in the Schengen Area.

Important phone numbers

112 Emergency call centre – emergency medical assistance, fire-fighters, veterinary assistance, rescue units

113 Police – emergencies

080 12 00 Police – reporting offenders, anonymous phone line

1987 AMZS –  roadside assistance and towing

080 1900 Tourist telephone – tourists and tourism workers can report their comments, complaints, criticism and suggestions to this toll-free number 24 hours a day

1188 – Information on telephone subscribers in Slovenia

1180 – Information on international telephone subscribers

198 10 – Alarm call service

090 93 9881 – General information (pay number)

Telephone area code for Slovenia +386 

Code for international calls: 00

Source text and photo: Slovenian Tourist Board,